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The VOX MUSIC studio was founded by the Brazilian singer Tutti Bae. Born in São Paulo, since 1989 she has been doing shows, recording songs and jingles, coaching singers and actors, writing books on vocal technique and composing. In order to help the artists to achieve their full potential, Tutti decided to do her job in studio facilities, thus starting her activities as a music producer. Since then, she has had the opportunity to meet a lot of highly skilled and competent people on the musical sector. Tutti Bae's experience in music production resulted in the creation of VOX MUSIC Studio.


If the artist already has a producer, we do the recording, edition, mixing and mastering. If not, the VOX MUSIC Studio team will work together with the artist on a very careful musical and vocal pre-production, building the project step-by-step till the mastering. We choose the best team to work on your project. Each project has its own artistic concept adequate to the music genre. That is why it is extremely important to have in the team an excellent arranger/conductor, very experienced musicians, a great sound engineer, good and precise equipment and recording space, high quality standards and, for sure, a very good mood! By combining your best ideas with our experience, we will achieve excellence as a result!!


In the VOX MUSIC Studio, we produce CDs, DVDs, EPs, demos, videos clips, do vocal coaching and recording for contests and TV programs, edition, Melodyne(r), mixing and mastering. We work with artists of different backgrounds, from the pre-production till the mastering, and different music genres, such as MPB (Brazilian Popular Music), rock, pop music, jazz, traditional music (Japanese, Italian, Hebrew), sertanejo, instrumental music (popular or classical).

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Amanda Carvalho

Category: Pop


Vox Music Studio is pleased to present the new artist of its Audio and Videotheque: Amanda Carvalho. In this single, Amanda plays the song "Feeling Good" (also known as "Feelin 'Good"), composed by the English musicians Anthony Newley and Leslie Bricusse (1964). "Feeling Good" was enshrined in the voices of Nina Simone, Michael Buble and George Michael, among others. Amanda brings a touch of modernity in her interpretation and makes…

Ronia Marques

Category: MPB


Ronia Marques releases her first album “Mensageiro da Paz”. After ten years working as a songwriter, the singer brings together new compositions of Brazilian rhythms. Compositions with a touch of poetry is the main feature of Ronia Marques’s first CD, “Mensageiro da Paz”, which includes 11 of her songs related to everyday situations, feelings, aspirations and positive thoughts. The set of several Brazilian rhythms into the album puts together modernity…
"Record voices and instruments with high quality equipment and very experienced professionals."
"Quality and know-how to maximize your artistic potential in a friendly environment and good mood!"

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